changes and realizations

Slow day at work again, so getting some of my fun things done :) Just put up a link on Michael's site for his new COOL art stuff store, doodles and paintings on shirts, etc. If enough are sold, he can get a better store with more options! Hint hint. I like the baby stuff the best. I also started putting up content on, the site for the new group of international coaches that I'm helping create. Still lots of holes and needs fixing, but it's a start ... for some reason I always feel so excited after publishing something on the web, just seeing it up live makes me grin. Maybe one reason I started blogging? Hm.

Cedar's folks are in town, and I stopped to chat/eat with them last night at the restaurant Cedar works at. Nice to see them again! Jane wanted to know what was up with me, new and exciting, etc. and I realized something as the words came out of my mouth. "I don't want to be freelancing, I want to be doing more coaching instead." She asked how Christ fit into that. "I need to be using the gifts I was given, and speaking out more. I hold back too much." There was more, but that's the phrase that stuck with me. Sitting on my gifts. Burying them. It's a choice, to stop hesitating when it's time to speak. I did exactly that (hesitate to do good) on the way home on the subway and still feel guilty about it for whatever reason. Being silent isn't always good.

Michael's getting away this weekend, at long last, going upstate with George and a bunch of his friends :) Talk about excited! Douglas is hacking and coughing his way through the day at Opa/GramGram's place, hopefully I can keep him warm enough on the way home. Supposed to get up to a foot of snow tomorrow, which is so exciting to me, I'd rather have the snow than the cold.

I babble so I'm done for now, happy weekend!