The Roller Coaster

Well, the apartment hunt/move drama took another few steps this weekend ... whew! Spent hours yesterday and today walking neighborhoods, all near our current digs, and meeting realtors. Why we met with realtors I'm not too sure, as our "budget" doesn't include a finders fee of any sort ... but there are a few out there who charge the landlord, not the tenant. Anyhow, we went back today to the one we'd seen earlier in the week that had space going for it, and lots of light, but not much in the charm/neighborhood/quality department :) We walked in late, and the woman who had showed it to us had her "partner" there, a young Hassidic jew named Sam. She introduced him to us, and he stood there with his hands behind his back, making no move whatsoever to shake hands. I almost asked, but then assumed it was due to our obvious goyim-ness. We poked, discussed, and picked over the details of what we'd want done should we sign a lease, and came up with a rather long list, mostly ripping up carpet and refinishing wood floors. Given the current state of the place I don't expect exactly stellar workmanship, but it will improve on old carpet in a couple of rooms. We put in an application, with Sam driving Michael a whole block to an ATM as we'd forgotten the checkbook. I filled out all the paperwork and the rollercoaster in my stomach started. How will we pull this off? Rather than list the issues, of which there are many, I quelled the panic and tried to hand it to God. He'll help us pull it off or it won't happen, and we'll keep looking.

The funniest part was Michael going out to the ATM with Sam, and having him ask what I did for a living ... Life Coaching seemed to intrigue him. Michael's explanation that I help people discover what they *really* want to do and then help them make it happen seemed to set off a lightbulb in his head. "You mean she could help me figure out how to make more money?" Grin. Michael commented that he already seemed to have a good handle on what he wanted. Kinda sheds some light on my current marketing/coaching dilemma ... what am I really selling? Results like "More X" or self-awareness? One of my strengths I think is not taking people's "I want ..." entirely at face value, but digging to make sure that really IS what they want before putting lots of effort behind it only to discover it's not what they were looking for. Mis-directs are useful and instructive and all that, but nice to avoid them most of the time.

We came home and had a nice dinner with Marcie/Mel who stopped by with some gifts, and then Michael made the dreaded call to the landlord to say we were thinking of moving out and wanted to discuss our lease options (it's not up till October). We have a time scheduled tomorrow to talk it over, and I feel hugely relieved that the ball is now rolling, and we shall see where it ends up! Let the games begin.