getting to work

I take the subway into Manhattan every day that I temp (which was four days this week) and my routine is getting pretty set ... leave home too late to be leisurely, walk a fast 3 blocks to the G train, and hope that one comes quickly. Two stops and I transfer, usually to a C that takes me right to the doorstep of the agency. I nap, sometimes read if I get a seat, or people watch if I'm alert enough (my favorite). It's great down time, free to think and not be distracted time, and I'm not in control in ANY way time. :) All good things. So yesterday I do my usual, right up until the C train showed up and I hopped on. I'm usually immune to hearing the announcements about "This is Hoyt Schemerhorn the next stop is Jay Street stand clear of the closing doors please" all delivered in one breath and with as few syllables as possible. Not yesterday. A loud and clear "Goooooooooooood Morning!" was delivered in an amazingly close replica of the voice that Sponge Bob has on Douglas' not-so-favorite talking toy. (He's scared of the "I can see your skeleton" that he says, but that's another story). The conductor went on to give the usual set of information, in a very clear, enunciated, and downright chipper voice. I was rather stunned, just by the change from the usual, AND by the determination of the chipperness. I didn't start napping (though I had a seat for once) and tried to get a sense of how others were reacting to it. Next stop, same game. Every stop all the way to 50th street was met with the exact same tone and Goooooooood Morning!, and not it wasn't a recording. It was a nice change from the usual dourness, and I did see a half smile here and there as a result. This morning was back to the muttered stream of syllables that I've come to expect :) I do enjoy the subway most days.