Is this what it comes to?

Walked into the bathroom the other night, and Michael was peering into the mirror.
"What are you doing?"
"Popping a zit ... what are *you* doing?"

There you have it, 5 years of marriage in a nutshell.

Well, not really, but it did strike me pretty funny.

Had a random comment from a coworker today that caught me off guard a bit. Just read a pamphlet this am on Evangelization, to see what the meeting has to say on the subject these days. Most of it didn't sit well, but one main point I totally agreed with ... it's an individual thing, not a 'preach to the masses' thing. So my coworker started a conversation today with "you know, i'd hate to have to change my opinion about there not being a hell." That's one hell of a conversation starter :)
Batted it about a wee bit, asked a couple questions, said a bit about how i felt and was raised, and left it at that. We both really agreed on the "never use the avoidance of it as a motivator to do/not do something" bit.

Douglas has a cold, again ... and i sincerely hope it's better in time for him to go to his best friend's birthday party this Saturday. I try not to say anything, but the fact that he's completely mimicking his friend's fake babytalk these days is driving me batty.