Getting Back to Basics

It's 9:45 am and I'm sitting at a freezing cold computer, listening to the radiator start to hiss. It's a lovely 16F outside, and the space below our bedroom and Dov's room isn't heated. Grin. Debating a trip to a homestore that's closing to try to find a cheap rug, it's getting a bit ridiculous. Amazingly enough, Michael and Dov are *still* asleep. Unheard of for Dov, and pure luxury for M. He's working 2nd shift this week, and I have Wednesday's off, and Dov is fighting a cold, though it doesn't seem to have gotten him too badly. Nice to be home together during the day, that never happens. The weekends have been super busy with craft fairs for Dov's school (I'm on the fundraising committee, why did I happen to pick the most active one when told I had to serve?!), a trip to the Brooklyn Nutcracker (never again with a 3-year-old, at least not to a rather amateur production with no scenery), baptism parties, and so on.

Actually the total highlight of this past weekend was getting to meet Jake. Michael/I had met him once before when he was about 7 or so, and now he's 12 (I think). Jake is our nephew (Nathan's son) and a pure and utter delight of a boy. He came into the city with his mom, little brother Noah, and his mom's husband. We all hit it off, got along well, and discovered that Vanessa and I are due 6 days apart in July. Jake seems very happy/settled at home, and was also very eager to see his Vedder cousins and family, and cameras came out almost immediately. It was good, very good, and I cried when they had to leave.