Mr X.

Alas the first 'blind' date with Mr X was a bit of a disaster in some ways, and good in others! (rather like my first and only blind date which was a rather large disaster of it's own, another post perhaps :) Good was we learned a few things ...
1. Ask them questions about themselves, don't act as desperate for a renter as you actually are :)
2. Don't keep your 3 year old up so that they can meet the new potential roomie, telling them that's what's going to happen, and have the man be an hour late
3. Don't try to even lightly curb the hyper 3-year-old, only making the I HAVE TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION RIGHT NOW be even more obvious
4. Don't get "he looks like Bob Buchanan" stuck in your head at the beginning, limiting your brain cells to a laundry list of how the two are and aren't alike.

Actually, we did like him and could probably have gotten on well (and he WAS good with Douglas, even if some of it was a show) ... however I don't believe he felt the same as his craiglist post was reposted the morning after he met us :| leaving the distinct impression that we weren't his first choice. Not everyone looking for roommates in this city is up for a family share, that's for sure ... but I'm sure there are a few, and we only need one after all. Now to just find them or have them find us ... the hunt continues!