Homeless? in NY

No, the housing situation isn't THAT bad and I'm not referring to us :) In fact, someone called on our ad this morning and is coming to look tomorrow evening, yahoo! (that yahoo was inspired by the downhill biking game my office-mate is playing, can you tell it's a slooooow day?)

Anyhow, the homeless part ... I once again met a woman on our street who regularly begs for money. She's probably mid 40s, and has a slick little deal where she starts talking before you get to her, and slides in step with you muttering about ... sorry, I don't mean to scare you, I don't mean no harm ... etc. and goes usually into a 6-months pregnant and homeless story (tho the pregnancy hasn't progressed in the last 3 months tho so I'm just a wee bit suspicious of that detail ...) and asks for any change you might have. I've given her a bit once or twice, and now she recognizes me so can't use the same story if she remembers in time.

This morning she was coming towards me as I was trotting, late as usual, to the subway entrance ... eating the last of my bagel. She made half a move to ask the usual, then saw the bagel and slipped right up to my side with "can I have a bite of that?" There were two whole bites left, and I was rather jolted as I'd so expected the "can you spare some change?" that I handed it to her with a "here, have the rest" and went on my way.

That's NY :)

Speaking of homeless and NY, remember the local transvestite homeless I mentioned awhile back? Been begging on Myrtle ave for over 10 years ... cheerful as ever. I was coming home from the grocery store with Douglas the other day, dusk or just dark I think, and people winding down for the day. She was standing in front of the store, her usual haunt, and as I passed started singing "pretty woman, walking down the street, pretty woman, kind I'd like to meet ... " in a halfhearted voice. It wasn't being sung at anyone in particular, it was almost like she was humming to herself to keep awake and maybe attract a bit of attention. The irony and the song both made me smile.

That's NY too.