I'm glad ...

... that my grandmother isn't so sick I had to rush to her side last night, across country
... that my leg isn't being operated on today, the same leg that was mangled 18 months ago and that I had to relearn to use and was told I never would.
... that I'm not waiting and wondering to see what the lab results will tell me is wrong with my sore joints and achey swollen legs.
... that I can leave work at 5pm and leave the headaches to someone else. I don't HAVE to be here :)
... that my son is healthy and active, and that my worst known ailment is bad eating habits.
... that I'm not heading towards final exams, board exams, and uprooting my whole life and figuring out what to do and where to live next. (at least not yet I'm not :)
... that it's sunny outside
... that someone brought in cookies :)
... that I can leave work in an hour or so and it's Friday!
... that i have a job that lets me do other work when I don't have any here, and has a great fully loaded computer for me to do it on
... that I can blog at work.
... that I never auditioned for www.bstv.tv!
... that I have friends who keep checking up on me
... that it's almost barefoot weather
... that I learned this week to take things off of my to-do list ... without doing them!