Douglas woke up with a barking cough today, having been exhausted yesterday and only slept 8 hours, not much for him. Michael left early to go do more portraits, so we stayed in and took it easy all morning. I'd heard about a Giant Puppet Parade happening in Prospect Park, and decided to take Douglas down to it. The Puppet Cooperative has just opened a puppet Lending Library in the Arch at Grand Army Plaza, which I'd love to use for Douglas' next birthday party. So we went, and had a funny/wonderful time. Douglas didn't really show much interest in the bands or puppets, wanted to only pick dandelions, and declined carrying a flag in the parade. We joined in it anyhow, and he had a great time running across the lawn, chasing, etc ...and did seem to enjoy the 30 minute puppet show at the other end. It was called the Rites of Spring, and told the story of evolution in puppet form ... I was rather thankful it was told in Pig Latin :) They managed to work in an Anti Stadium message (DOV was fascinated with the Ratner puppet ... the man trying to bring a huge stadium development to our corner of Brooklyn, which is being hotly protested).

Anyhow, we had fun, dripped our way onto the bus with a spiderman icecream, and he's now sleeping, still filthy from yesterday and somewhat sticky. I think we'll manage a bath tonight :)