to mike

i haven't told you lately, or perhaps ever, what your friendship means to me. i'll try.

thank you for being a true, honest, and open friend. for sharing your feelings and thoughts and vulnerability, without reserve. for teaching me that it's good to be open, it's good and painful at times to be honest, and that digging deep is worth the emotional havoc it often causes. you tell me (at least sometimes) when you're angry, and confront me when i've been insensitive and caused hurt. things i need to hear and hopefully learn from. you take the time to push until a thing is finished. you share your fears and depressions when they strike you, reaching out rather than clamming up. you know what people like, and take pains to give it to them if you can. you often see what your friends need that they can't see themselves, and work with them to find a way to it. you write and play both haunting and humorous music, hitting the soul. you lend your ears and your heart to those in need. you've taken me aside when i've been distraught, and taken care of my feelings and my needs. you continue to be vulnerable despite the stunning lack of it in myself and many others. you don't often back down, but are amazingly consistent and determined to see things through to a good end. you believe in truth, and pursue it relentlessly. you take crappy situations and treatment and see the good in them, not losing sight of your hopes.

thank you for believing in me more than i do myself, and pushing me to do better things and not more things. thank you for listening, for hoping, for caring, and for loving. thanks for being a true friend to me. i love you mike.