Smell My Walrus

Sitting on the porch having popsicles after supper and grocery shopping were over ... Douglas declares he's off to Iceland and disappears out the front gate. Michael called after him "bring me a walrus", and so I chimed in with an order for a penguin. The game became more complicated when he ended up handing 18 baby walruses to michael who had them lined up in beds on the step. Dominic sauntered past and in the front window, which prompted the offer to "smell my walrus". Saturday night fun with a 3-year-old :)

It was HOT today, though a few degrees shy of what they predicted. Michael worked today (in air conditioning :) so Douglas and I went shopping, and to the farmers market and park. We have a new fish vendor at the market, so for supper we had fresh shark fillets battered and deepfried, over kale and rice. Equally loved by all of us I think, which seems to be hard to do lately with his highness getting pickier about what he'll eat (almost ALL noodles are off the list).

Michael last night ... "I couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect job if I'd tried." This after 6 straight days, 5 of which he has spent scribbling on the wall. Literally. He's part of a crew putting in a Sol Lewitt installation, which involves days of scribbling with pencils by many people. If you give 20 monkeys 20 typewriters .... well, not exactly ... it's a little less random than it sounds.

Woke up this morning crying ... I'd been crying in my dream, and it was so intense that it woke me up and there were tears in my eyes. I guess I have some things I'm not consciously dealing with right now (go figure), relating to the meeting and fellowship and the cutting off of it in the form that I grew up with. In my head I'm long 'past' it and have been for awhile, but my heart seems to be running a bit behind. Kind of left a current of sadness running under the day, but none the less enjoyable of a day because of it. Just a bass note. A friend e-mailed me the other day about whether or not I felt a loss of fellowship, and now I think I have an answer to write.

I offered to work an extra shift tomorrow, so have to drag myself out of bed earlier than normal. Ugh. No work is being turned down right now, trying to arrange things so we can go to Canada to visit cousins at the end of July (I hope!) and then to see Grambie, camp on our own, and then and my family in mid August. I can't WAIT to have a few days to ourselves. Just the 3 of us. It's been a LONG time coming. I'm getting redundant, time to shut up and plan it :).