Running on One Banana

The last 24 hours seem to be full of fumbles, mistakes, slogging forward slowly. Perhaps I've just been online too much! I made greyhound reservations last night for mbv to go to Philadelphia to pick up Douglas (who has been crying most of the week apparently, that's another story ... I never knew two 3-year-olds could be so stubborn and manipulative and controlling! Egads.) and this morning Michael looked at the printouts and noted that I'd made the single NYC to Philly ticket out for Douglas rather than him. Grrr. Hopefully they let him fix it, it meant he had to leave even earlier to stand in line with the oh-so-not-helpful greyhound people rather than use the handy little QuickTicket machines. I assume he's on his way :|

Another fumble was finally making car reservations go to to Canada ... I found a source that was about 25% more than the cheapie place in NJ that refused to take Debit Cards, and it was picking up at LaGuardia which is pretty close to us. I'd priced it through Priceline, and got to the "Submit Payment" button and went back to Michael to just double check that we could make the trip and still make rent. I should have gone with the initial 'sure we're ok' and not asked for a considered look at the bills/finances to see where we actually stood. The numbers came back fine, and so I pressed "submit" only to find my session had expired. I rekeyed in all the info, and got to the prices and discovered that in the last hour they'd jumped again by another 15%. Doh! That's what I get for not trusting the gut "we'll be fine".

We rented it anyhow and so we're going to Canada next weekend!! Yay. First road trip together in 2 years I think?! Or even more. I'm just itching to get on the road and not be bound by schedules, not listen to lots of conversations that I'm not interested in, not cross my legs and pray that I don't have to use the bus or even plane bathroom, weighing it's evils against the bathroom in whatever terminal I'm coming to.

Now off to the market to pick up the last few pieces of dinner tonight for Cedar's birthday. Fetuccine Alfredo and Salad Nicoise and Warm Double-Cream Brie anyone? Happy Birthday Cedar :) Perhaps I better not go shopping until I've eaten my own lunch, or I might be tempted to buy half the store.