I'm in pre-vacation mode, getting stuff cleared up at work, packing, laundry, hauling out camping supplies, getting excited and tired both, and wishing we were already on the road and not trying to gather pieces together! Did an extra shift today to help make up for taking next week off, and actually worked all day ... wow! Every time I tried to fit in a phonecall or a websearch, I was caught by more work.

Dinner with Cedar and Anthony was wonderful, and not just because the food turned out well ... we had a great time laughing, polishing off several bottles of wine, talking, eating of course, and just plain relaxing together. Cedar brought Douglas a mini theatre-style popcorn popper which he is very in love with ... and proceeded to take apart, 'cook' metal balls, push around the floor, package up bear in, etc.
The next day, coming home from somewhere (the weekend is already quite a blur) I asked Douglas who he loved.
Michael asked "Who else do you love?"
I asked "Anyone else that you love Douglas?"
"I love Cedar!"

So do I :)

Note to self: Figure out how to air-condition the apt in this weather, or find new style that includes a perpetual film of grease covering my body.

Note to Bon and other cat lovers: Dominic is MUCH better, thank you for asking, and is walking with a slight limp. Woohoo!

Second note to self: Get of this computer and go home and eat.