it's warm out

and that's reason enough to post. been freezing the last few weeks, at home, outside, and in the office. the house actually fluctuates between too hot and way too cold, but i of course remember the cold times. today is bliss, and we went and walked around the block and went to the amish market for lunch, eating outside in the courtyard. mild amusement directed at the hired promoter 'cheerleaders' doing their thing on the corner, trying to drum up interest in Lifetime's new show Cheerleading Nation. somehow i don't think it worked ... as in I'm so not enticed to watch that it's not funny. i managed last night to sleep thru the one show I *do* try to watch faithfully, my name is earl. was so frigging tired i couldn't think when i got home, made pea soup for supper, and then had a long discussion with douglas over why eating some of stephanie's cheese without asking her wasn't sneaky because we'd talked about sharing food months ago.

the joy of a 4-year-old, as of last Saturday! Party plans are well underway for next weekend with a box arriving yesterday from oriental trading co with plastic swords, banners, fake mustaches, bendable pirates, flipping eyeballs, and all sorts of 'treasure'. The trip to Party City for papergoods was a bit of a disaster, as I stupidly tried to cram it in after a long playdate on wednesday, douglas having had no nap and a sucker. meltdown city would be a better name. we were so close i wanted to get it over with, and they were having a half-off papergoods sale. this induced me to buy scads of colored plastic tablecovers at the bargain price of .64 each so that michael (hah) can turn them somehow into a pirate ship. easy, right?! i'll post pics of whatever the result, i promise. my parents happen to be coming that weekend, so they'll get to see the school and meet some friends, and hopefully not have to spend the whole visit setting up and taking down party decorations :) i'm more prepped in advance than usual, so hopefully it won't be too laborious.

michael and i are disappearing sunday afternoon and coming back tuesday morning for a miracle "two nights away from home and responsibilities ... alone!" bliss, and i love priceline for getting good hotel deals :) it also involves a billy joel concert which i'm looking forward to for many reasons. Douglas doesn't know yet but will be pretty excited to have cedar and uncle stinky taking turns watching him. his afterschool teacher asked me the other day if 'uncle stinky' was a real person, having heard douglas talk about him. he's used to the array of imaginary people, and wasn't sure where this one fell in the lineup. i assured him that he was real, but didn't bother to explain any further ... he'll get to meet him monday night when he picks douglas up from school :).