kids, babies, and such ...

got to visit the midwife again this week, the first time without Douglas in tow, and it was almost a mini vacation. bus rides without a poor child right at nose-level with everyone's butts complaining that "it stinks mom!" (can you blame him?!), a quiet and serene waiting room (serene except for the continual printer noise in the corner, which was a good hypnotic white noise actually), and a chance to talk with her that wasn't interspersed with "quietly please" and "please climb down from there, only pregnant ladies get to sit on table" and so forth. i fell asleep in the waiting room while reading Parabola, a delightful magazine that David sent me. got to hear a lovely heartbeat for a second before peanut swam away, which happened several times before settling enough for her to get a count in. everything's normal, i just need to drink more fluids and eat a little better. somehow i've lost my taste for almost all forms of protein, and have been feeling the lack of it. trying to find new ways to eat eggs, and chicken and fish are mostly ok, but lost all taste for beef/pork/lamb etc. it's hard to get chicken down too, which i used to be able to eat daily. hm.

dov turns 4 tomorrow! he has a few presents to open, and grandparents and "uncle stinky" coming for dinner, and the rest of the day probably with dad while I have to work at a fundraiser at his school. bad mom that I am, i helped plan the blinking thing without realizing that it was on his birthday. ack. oh well. his party, which we've decided to actually 'do' this year, hopefully will be at the school in 2 weeks, just waiting to find out if it's available. he was insisting on an 'eyeball' party, and was planning invitations and so forth, before we even mentioned even the possibility of having one. he's been to 2 friend's parties there who also turned 4, so the idea is rather cemented in there i guess. i figured the eyeball thing (he's obsessed with organs of all kinds lately) was actually coming from his pirate/captain hook obsession, and when i asked if he wanted a pirate party he readily agreed. whew. much easier to plan than an eyeball party, though I did just order 12 'flipping eyeballs' from the oriental trading company, along with some other pirate goodies to try to give them something to take home in a goodie bag. not into setting a precedent on big parties, which aren't really in the budget, but figured this is the only year he could conceivably invite his whole class (15 kids) and they are a pretty close-knit bunch. i don't remember ever having a birthday party as such, they were always family affairs with maybe a friend or two invited over for dinner. we put save the date cards in cubbies yesterday, "calling all scurvy swabs", and he was completely thrilled.

realizing slowly the implications of having a baby in the house again in 4 months. reality check hitting. that's not all that far away! part of me wants douglas to live up his last 'single child' days because in many ways his life changes even more than ours will. though transitioning to completely working at home will be big for me, i was doing that in PA, but it's been 18 months here of working 4 days a week, and I get used to that pretty quickly. hoping the coaching takes off a bit so that I can get a sitter 2x a week and do that, and have the rest with the kids. Dov will be in school next year, most likely, and I really don't want him in afterschool anymore, they days are too long for a small kid, and we're all irritable by 6:30 when we get home, hungry, and things tend to fall apart very quickly before I can get supper on the table. starting next week I'm not working Monday's anymore! yay. so i can pick him up at 3:30 and ease into things a lot better.
talked to a good friend today who just had her second, and it helped to get the perspective on what parts were hard (my baby isn't my baby anymore, my first son is HUGE and germy, etc ...) and what parts were so much easier the second time around (nursing, bathing, diapering, juggling with housework, etc.) good to know :)
back to drudgery of photoshopping images for a website, i can almost do it in my sleep now and that makes it much more boring. i make it into a speed came to keep myself interested, but that doesn't last long. reminds me of doing mailings at btp as a kid, and trying to find new ways to walk around a table picking up one of each paper, or counting out 5s and stuffing envelopes for 8 hours at a time. i guess anything can become monotonous, can't it? Maybe not. But many things can.