Roller Coaster Week

It's been a fun one, and it's not over yet. Highlights ... or perhaps I should say lowlights too ...
-- Cedar leaves next Monday, and saying goodbye to your best friend in the city, who moved here the same day you did, sucks.
-- D got into preK! He's now registered and all that, and just needs a physical to finish the paperwork ... currently Pediatrician hunting for one that is a minimalist and won't spend the visit trying to convince me to give him shots.
-- Had a chance to escape last Sunday to NJ to visit a very pregnant friend and go to a surprise baby shower for her. Belly shots were taken, and will be posted pending approval by all participants ...
-- Dreamed a coworker was being attacked by another temp who had morphed from a quite unassuming man into a Mr T-like vampire. I and another friend eventually subdued him and knocked him out, after a long and very sad battle. Then I started seeing vampires everywhere, and tried to warn people but no one wanted to pay attention. Lovely.
-- The kitchen has once again turned into an art workshop, with matting, acetate, postcards, backing board, and piles of art in every nook and cranny. Eating with D at the same table has turned into a dangerous event, though yesterday's massive juice puddle managed to avoid the stack of artwork.
-- I have 5 questions to answer on one last coaching form and I'll have truly completed all my graduation requirements! Grad is an exciting teleconference deal on June 2, curious how they'll work that to be like a ceremony.
-- It's supposed to rain for the next 3 days straight
-- Internet went out last night, which means phone is out also ... the joy of this evening will be trying to solve that ... hoping power fluctuations during the storm last night didn't fry anything. Yes I'm at work.
-- Heartburn is back, I've gained over 30 pounds in 7 months, get out of breath going up stairs, baby is getting frequent hiccups and still has enough room to perform regular acrobatics, kicking and poking all over the place
-- We've found a girls name we really like, but not a boy's yet ... still hunting
-- D had his absolute worst day ever for attitude/behavior this week, left me exhausted. Pushing every possible button, extreme defiance, screaming, random kicking of a friend's mom, etc. After several varieties of punishment, I resorted to "wait till Dad comes home". I can't imagine being a single parent at this point.
-- If you seen an old episode of the Drew Carey show featuring Richard Simmons as a "prop", know that I found it one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
-- D got the entire "birds and bees" story from his dad, complete with proper terminology ... wonder how long the fallout/processing from that will last? He certainly got it. Hoping he doesn't freak out any other kids/parents with it, but is currently very matter of fact about it which I'm glad for. I was caught a little off guard. He had to get at least half of the story if he's to be present at #2's birth.

That's all for now.