Douglas update

All this pregnancy talk leaves Douglas in the dust, which in reality isn't the case ... I've been spending more time w/him than ever, knowing that the days are numbered where that's going to be nearly so easy. He certainly senses it.

I went this morning to his new school for next fall to meet with teachers/faculty and hear more about their PreK program. Only 2 other sets of parents + me showed up, and the regional preK coordinator spoke ... at length and slowly, but her info was good and helpful. Outlining the typical day, teaching philosophy, staff, typical age-related issues, and so on. What made the day for me was meeting both the teacher he'll have, and her assistant. I loved both on sight, and found their personalities absolutely delightful ... like they couldn't wait to have fun. It was brief, yes, but I almost always go on gut instinct when deciding on any kind of caregiver or situation for him, and so far haven't been disappointed. Despite adjusting to a new sibling and school changes, I'm betting he'll love both of them.

He's been going thru some fun behavioral stages lately, acting up badly for awhile, then settling down more lately and adjusting to the idea at least of being a big brother. Lots of talk about what he can do for/with the baby, and also what will be his territory/role that the baby can't touch. Seeing reality of course will be a different story, depending on how it goes. Very curious how he'll react to the birth itself, I can only imagine, and not very well at that.

His current obsessions are along the lines of building things like huge pillow chairs, trains, cages out of laundry baskets, etc. He also loves collecting things ... sticks, stones, leaves, acorns, whatever ... and bringing them into the house. He still *loves* painting with Dad, and doing anything with Dad really, doesn't matter what ... they are awfully similar in many ways. So are he and I, but in the more difficult ways like impatience, etc ... hence the continual struggle not to clash. We're both learning :).