one of those ... days, or is it weeks?

waking up at 2:30am, and 5:30 am, and 7:30 am, thanks to fynn's thirst, and having a crusty sore nose every time. watching him glue himself to my breast while he eats, courtesy of his own runny nose. crawling back into bed after getting douglas out the door, and michael a couple hours later (he did make eggs, bless him) and finding 2 empty film cannisters and a rattle toy under the covers. lying down on the snot-crusted pad that fynn's been sleeping on, too tired to move it aside before crashing once again. finally summoning the energy to get up and to the grocery store w/fynn in the backpack, timing things to i had just enough time/energy to get there/back and to pick up D from school. gumming up the plan was the check for m's student loan which, forgotten, hit the account since i last checked it. leaving groceries behind isn't fun, and in my angst i forgot the cart also :) had to drag douglas and fynn back to the store to retrieve it. now I'm home in a warm apartment, convincing myself that this is just another day, and a good one at that. the colds do seem to be on the way out, and it's warm in here, and it finally snowed a wee bit! now i'm off to dig up a snack, and go play lincoln logs.