I love trashpicking

What can I get away with next?, originally uploaded by herm007.

Found this desk in the trash yesterday, and lugged all 25 or so pounds of awkward lumpy metal home on my back. The way it hung off my shoulder meant the seat dug into the back of my leg, making me have to take rather mincing steps all the way home, with my head bent forward to avoid some other part knocking into the back of my head. Thankfully it was only about 6 blocks, but they felt pretty long. It's delightfully sturdy, and apparently the perfect height to reach things on the mantle. He's got clocky, and is eyeing the oil lamp next I think. The desk top opens up to storage, and tilts too so that you can have an inclined surface to write on. I was thinking of Fynn when I got it, already planning to get Douglas a regular wooden desk for in his room. Silly me, they're already fighting over it. As Fynn already weighs more than half of what D weighs (21 lbs to 36 pounds) I shouldn't be surprised.