I've been super blah for days now, and it takes effort to do just about anything. I'm depressed and fighting off panic at the finances, which are as bad as they've ever been. M has had no work for close to 6 weeks now, and for a family that lives literally paycheck to paycheck, it's not fun. I'm struggling to leave it with God, but not just sit here and watch it all collapse around me. I don't know how to balance those two things. I'm making myself post today but really want to crawl back into bed. M's at the studio as he has been a lot lately, and I have a wee bit of work for a Chicago client to do which I'm thankful for. I only have two clients at the moment, one of which I don't seem to be able to help at ALL and it's driving me nuts. I know that happens sometimes, but it's hard to have when it's half my clientele.

D had his first real research project due right after Thanksgiving, and had to do a poster about an older relative. They interviewed, found/drew pictures, wrote about it, and then presented it to the class with a Q/A at the end. He did a great job on Uncle R, and presented with poise that I've never seen in him before. He's growing so fast in so many ways, not just in the pants-too-short way. He'll be 7 in 3 months. He reads voraciously, and fusses a lot if ever stopped from reading before he's ready. Which reminds me, the READ-A-THON for his school is over tomorrow, anyone want to sponsor him?! It's been a month of reading, and we're counting pages and looking for per-page pledges or just a flat donation. The proceeds go to his public school. He has one more day to go, and has read 1204 pages so far in the last 29 days. Yes he reads a lot! Money is due by the 18th if ya want to pitch in.

I slept in the other morning, not wanting to get out of bed yet again, and was met with these when I finally got up. We have face-paint-markers, and they'd gone to town.

Yes he reads too, but so far only pictures. He's more interested in drawing than just about anything, and is starting to draw and name recognizable things. He gets frustrated if he can't make what's in his head and wants me to draw it, but I generally refuse. I'll find him whatever it is if we have it, and put it in front of him instead. Daddy gives in and draws his requests pretty often, they've been spending a lot of time drawing together as M's been home so much.

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