the evidence, originally uploaded by herm007.

fynn fell off the bed yesterday, this was the evidence left the following afternoon. arnica, as usual, did wonders for the swelling and bruising, leaving just the scrape and a wee bump. i think he hit the baseboard on the way down, hitting hardwood floor from about 2.5 feet.

the real gore was last night, when i managed to slice the very tip off my left middle finger while cutting onions. deep enough to see lumps of fat/flesh peeking out, and of course m wasn't home yet and i had to keep it pinched hard to prevent rivers of blood dripping off my hand. managed to make a clumsy bandage and continue w/supper. M redid it when he got home, and it still soaked a paper towel with blood during the process. the gory evidence is on the camcorder, along with a lovely closeup of the leftover piece of skin. he did pretty well for someone with a weak stomach for blood.