meet hilda


with all the flickr groups focused on daily photo-type things like silly self portraits, 30 tiny moments, etc ... i'm thinking of starting my own with 30 days of dressup.

it doesn't seem to be that difficult with Fynn in the house.


yes this has been a bit of a fynn photo blog lately. it's easy, fun, and stress-free. things with d are still a bit combative and i'm not feeling any closer to a solution. i went on a field trip with his class yesterday and we had a great time for most of it, though he threw a sulky fit when i put a stop to the battles on the bus with the kid behind him (after 10 minutes of allowing it i was fed up). ride any buses lately with 40 very excited 5-year-olds? you have my admiration if you didn't stagger off the bus at the end and wish for a drink.

i've been working a lot on my sanemoms 'manifesto' which i think i finally got outlined, or rather introduced, yesterday. now to get some feedback, flesh it out, and start publishing.

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