yes, she is in my middle

it was a day. a beautiful and perfectly su day. the singing (lots of it) made me drip from the eyes, nudging my mom and cursing the hayhoe genes. fynn uttered nary a peep for the ceremony, i think the interspersed music was all he needed, organ and all. m read revelation in a thunderous voice, more dripping. hard to be asked to photograph, and want to dance around and 'find the moment' which i think i often can, but always want to stop to talk to people. lots and lots i didn't know which made me glad. whimsey and silliness and the family (hers) working together in a beautiful way I'd never seen to that degree and thoroughly enjoyed. yes, she is in my middle. at my wedding, her performance (required of bridesmaids, that's another story) was a pantomime of the phrase "b is in my middle". lost? you'd have to read this to get it. it's more than worth it.

was happy to be a part of it, including taking (with M's help) 624 pictures therof. the day that is, not su. though she's in many :). and the canon digital rebel xt i borrowed for the day? SO very hard to give back. so. very. hard. but I did.