I love my sister :).

This one has a good dose of spunk, and an imagination to rival Douglas', which makes their playdates rather entertaining as the alternate between play and rivalry.

The stone thing we built became the Clam Fortress of the younger crowd, and we were all asked to choose what type of clams we were (Booger and Iron were the main choices).

Two of a kind.

Dad has infinite patience with the younger ones, and they get pretty attached to him too. This one cried for him often, and would fuss if he walked past and didn't pick him up. He turned 1 while we were there :).

Tom rented a pontoon boat for the last day, and it was enjoyed to the hilt. Ferrying people back and forth to the beach, out to the middle of the lake to go swimming in deep water, and just plain out for joyrides. As you can see, none of the life preservers were small enough to be of any use :). It came off pretty rapidly after the first trip.

The chauffeur

In her element :).

The miracle glasses and their relieved owner! The second day they were left in the sand at the beach, atop a shirt, while out swimming. They were lost in the repacking, and possibly shaken in to the lake while cleaning off sand. We hunted for 2 days, on the beach, in the water, and everywhere inbetween. The last day, as we were choosing a spot to put our gear, mom suggested the lifeguard tower. As I walked over to it and went to drop our stuff, I came almost nose-to-nose with something hanging from a hook on the crossbar of the tower, and lo and behold it was the missing glasses. A huge relief as they were only 2 months old and not the cheapest pair by a long shot. Not even a scratch on them either! Answered prayers for sure :).