visiting old friends

Nothing like catching up with old friends who we haven't seen in ages, and finding things just the same between us, and the kids older and more able to interact.

The interaction between these two was pretty funny, he decided to corner her and she wasn't too sure about it. Mostly they ignored each other as typical two-year-olds will. They're only 4 days apart in age.

These two did well together also, and both are very much in the "HAM" category, having picked it up from their fathers. So funny to watch.

The father of Ham #2, JC, just made partner at his consulting firm, and had saved a special bottle of wine to celebrate it with us. His enjoyment of the moment added much to mine :). And the wine? Very very tasty :).

The carafe, purchased just for the occasion.

Good friends, great times, and utterly enjoyable.