feeling nostalgic today. found lots of pics on facebook of people that I haven't seen in ages, remembered what it felt like to have a huge crowd of people who were familiar to me and I was always eager to see them. went to a birthday party and saw friends I haven't seen in ages too, and it was good to connect. one mom lives near me and we've never managed to get together outside of our mutual friend's kid's birthdays, but mayhap we will this time :).

ran 21 yesterday so pretty flat for the whole weekend, let the boys watch a movie yesterday and sat on the couch all afternoon. starting to see what they mean when they say that marathon-type distances really increase your chances of injury. my left ankle is my weak spot, and i'm sure hoping it lasts.

had a bizarre scary incident tonight which makes me think i better start locking the door here. the new neighbors upstairs had a bbq this afternoon, and lots of people up on their roofdeck. not long after i put the boys down i was sitting (oh surprise!) at my computer in our bedroom and the front door opened. I tensed, got up and walked towards the door, and saw a man step into the apartment and stand there looking at me, with something in his hand. i wasn't wearing glasses and only the dining room light was on, so i wasn't sure what it was and he just stood there looking at me. i said something like "what do you want?" and he muttered something like "sorry" and walked out, leaving the door open. i followed him out into the hall and found him trying to let someone in the front door, fumbling with the latch. it took me a second to put the pieces together: there were some bbq guests hanging out on the front porch, and he was a bit drunk and had mistaken our door for the outer door. i came in, shut the door, and put on the chain. my heart was pounding a bit there, not knowing what he wanted and why he was standing there w/out saying anything.

douglas puked up his supper after i made him eat 2 pieces of cheddar cheese with it, as his only protein. sudden aversions to cheese, though he loves it in melted form? go figure. i won't be forcing that one again.

i miss my family, and my husband. i'm glad it's only 2 more weeks. the time apart has been good, and i think we've grown to appreciate each other a lot more.

must advertise for a subletter, i've been dragging my feet tho the room is ready. responded to one ad, but didn't post my own. have to get that rolling. acceptance.