my boys

Storytime is rather sacred in our house, and after baths with freshly laundered children it becomes even more pleasant than usual. M leaves again tomorrow for 3 more weeks or so, and bedtime stories will become my domain again. I've enjoyed the time off from it, as have the boys ... dad's always more imaginative (meaning he usually tells them, not reads them) and goes into great detail with difference voices and characters.

Lunch today was a very simple affair, and greatly enjoyed by all. Especially the washerwoman. That crazy headband was an attempt to keep his hair out of his eyes, and sticky hands. Worked pretty well actually, for the meal at least.

This one doesn't need a headband to look crazy, just a day or two without showering. No doubt as to parentage, is there?

In other news, I'm coming to accept being back in the city, for now, but readjusting priorities a bit.

And I ran 19.5 miles on Saturday, in 99% humidity, and managed to stagger home afterwards and was amazingly not that sore yesterday or today! Whee :). I was DONE after the run though, and so glad there was a race in the park that morning so I could pilfer water cups from their refueling stations. The mile and a half cooldown was harder than than the last 2 miles of running. Strange. My friend S came with me, my first company on long runs, and it was nice to have.

I imagine once the race is over, and the focus theron, I'll have more thoughts on living here or not. Thoughts continue, and VA and WV are starting to figure into the thinking, but who knows. Not knowing has it's appeal as much as knowing I think. When possibilites are wide, it feels good.

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