In an attempt to spend less time here and feel better about life, I've started bookmaking again. Coptic has been the choice the last few days, and the first two attempts are below. Very basic, two-needle stitching with soft covers. I want to get into wood covers and handmade paper, but need to learn the stitching patterns and tension and all that. These took about an hour apiece, start to finish ... Fynn's art supplied the covers, and I used embroidery thread as I don't have proper bookthread yet. Not recommended, it frays and gets snagged much too easily when you're resewing out the same holes.

I love that you can bind anything together that you can poke holes in, and it doesn't use any glue or mucky stuff like that. I hate using spray glue though it's handy sometimes. The white pages in the book in the top photo are old photocopies of michael's doodles, so there's random stuff scattered throughout.
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