Beet Kvass

for FBFriday :)

Started another batch of Beet Kvass a couple weeks ago, and love the stuff.  I think I forgot to add the salt this time (oops) but had a better ratio of beets/water (ie following the recipe rather than just dumping!) and think it still needs a bit of time.  It’s chillin in the fridge.


I love the beety-flavor, and don’t find it deserves it’s “medicinal and not necessarly epicurian” rating from Nourshing Traditions, where I got the recipe.  It tastes great!  Anyone know how long it should take to be ‘ready’ once it’s had 2 days on the counter and been refrigerated?  I assume the fermentation is done by then, and just gets stronger with time. 

Off to drop some of at my homeopath’s, she’s recovering from a fever and asking for it :)


I’m back … with what I forgot to include in the first place!

The Recipe:

  • 3 medium beets, peeled and chopped (don’t grate, they’ll ferment too fast)
  • 1/4 c. whey (I get mine by straining organic yoghurt and using the liquid)
  • 1 T sea salt

Place all in a glass container and add filtered water to make 2 quarts.  Stir well and cover securely.

Keep at room temp for 2 days and then refrigerate.  You’ll see the bubbling fermentation start, and I stirred mine several times.

I also let mine sit in the fridge for a couple of weeks so it gets a stronger flavor.

When making a 2nd batch, you can reuse the same beets and a bit of the original batch as the inoculant, and skip the whey.  It won’t be as strong however.

Enjoy :)