… of the most difficult logo client ever.  20+ designs, and not even one comment!  just “none of these work”.  rather frustrating is putting it mildly

… of the housemate

… of interruptions during the few hours i have to work each week (sans kids).  some are of my own making, others are just life, and it’s hard to see the time slip by and know it will have to be made up late at night, when my brain is mush and I’m resenting not being able to relax at all.

… of thinking I see Dominic in every window

… of just plain being tired

then again, to drag myself into some better perspective, i’m thankful for

… one real night of sleep this week, averting a nasty cold, and waking up feeling actually refreshed.  how novel!

… having work to do

… sunshine today, and boys healthy enough to enjoy it

… perfect shoes for D at my favorite resale shop, better looking and fitting than the ones I destroyed in the dryer yesterday

… a good friend coming tomorrow to visit, and the prospect of flea-market-window-shopping without tired kids in tow

… getting to meet a bunch of local bloggers last night

… having F’s art (above) appear in the NY Times online yesterday

… having a comfy bed to crawl into.  stat.