overwhelming summer

the summer has been packed already, and it's only half over.  i've been more than overwhelmed for most of it, between trips, work, more trips, and trying to sort out the bazillion details of how to pack up 4 lives (make that 6 ... the beasts are coming along now) and get them on the road.  it's not just about paring down possessions, but about addresses and taxes and phone service and bank accounts and insurance and computers (my lovely big monitor, sigh ... ) and deciding on rv vs trailer vs 5th wheel and and and ... my mind stutters and grinds to a halt. and i lose myself in 3 hours of youtube videos of BGT and The X Factor and whatever else catches my "dream big" fancy.  and i go to bed exhausted, wake up late, and start the merry go round all over again. 

then i look at pictures to figure out what to post here, and realize how rich the last few months have been, despite my neuroses and paralysis. 


indescribably rich.

full. decadently full.



firsts, lasts, snatches.



and rollicking bits of insanity.


beautiful things everywhere, if i look for them. 

some that break your heart, some that heal.

my heart doesn't know what to make of it all, i'm just hanging on for the ride.  hoping to find my feet again, soon. 

writing, and talking, about what's going on always helps.  finding places to put it ... not always the easiest thing.  so here ya go, a slew of pics and a dearth of words.  it is what it is.  xo.