Mark Your Calendars ... is celebrating its web debut with a race!  Racing into the holidays, to be exact, with a 3k run/walk on December 15th.  Details forthcoming shortly, but it will be in Brooklyn, benefit undepriviledged moms, and make you feel great before the holidays!  Walk, stroller, jog, run … ALL levels welcome so long as it’s fun.  Stay tuned, and stay sane. 

Wondering why web debut is choosing a race to celebrate?  The birth of this site was inspired by the birth of my first son 5 years ago, and my resulting dance with insanity.  I soon became a devotee of ALONE TIME, and running has become one of the ways I get my time alone.  You don’t want to be around me if I start slacking on my running, trust me!  Whatever your favorite way of getting some time to yourself, running is a great way to start feeling better, and saner … give it a try for the next 2 months, and see how you feel!