Question of the Week | Week of January 14th, 2008!

fynn_birthday.jpgSince I had such a great time at The Business of Being Born movie (see below), I thought a question in the Beginnings section was in order.  The question this week is “What was your birth experience like?”  Was it anything like you expected?!  Please click here to answer. 

The prize this week is some pampering goodies for relaxing in the bath, something we probably never do often enough!  The deal this week is I need at least 5 moms to answer (not counting me) for there to be a prize drawing … so make sure to tell your friends to come share their stories!  Almost everyone loves to tell their birth experience, and it’s so great to hear how other moms felt.  Deadline is Midnight on Sunday the 20th, but don’t leave it till the last minute!