The 'Mommy Wars'

A couple of articles came to my attention this week, and both address the subject of ‘mom-critics’ in some way.  I’m not a fan of the term Mommy Wars, but the tendency of moms to be critical of one another is one of the reasons I started this site. Having a “bad mom” day happens to all of us, and getting dirty looks and comments from other parents never helps the situation!  Empathy and understanding go a loooong way. 

First I ran across a beautifully written blog post by DaMomma, who eloquently (and colorfully) makes the point that empathy and understanding take the cake any day over relishing our rightness, which doesn’t help anyone. 

Then an article in the NY Times Magazine about the Bad Mommy Brigade started a firestorm on a local parenting list-serv as the author’s life, motivation, points, and views were picked apart with relish.  A few weighed in with empathy and understanding, but the comments were mostly heated.  While I didn’t find it the most enlighening article or one that I connected with particularly, it seemed to touch a nerve, the very nerve she was commenting on.  The one that drives us to criticize and judge each other for how we choose to parent, bad days or not. 

 Here’s to a little empathy … I know I can use it!