Question of the Week | January 28th

How do you “treat” yourself? 

I’m talking pampering here, which is essential for me in the grey doldrums of January.   The days are still long, it’s harder to get outside, and the kids are antsy and get bored easily.  How do you perk yourself up?  I find that getting outside, no matter what the weather, is key for me.  A walk, run, trip to the store, ANYthing that get me out of the house for a few minutes!  Another favorite is a good book or magazine, a comfy chair with soft lighting, and some wine and cheese. 

Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us here, and maybe we’ll get some new ideas from each other!

Please remember, we need at least 5 answers for there to be a prize drawing, and if you won the previous week you’re not eligible, but please answer anyway!

PRIZE: This week’s prize is $10 worth of goodies that match your favorite pick-me up!  Starbucks card, bath/nail/makeup, something new to read, or whatever is a “treat” to you!  I won’t try to ship something like Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, but we’ll make sure you get your fix somehow as long as it’s legal :).

DEADLINE: Sunday the 3rd of February at midnight EST.