Question of the Week for 10/14/2008

As a Mom, I wish I were more …

We’ve all got a few traits that we’re either missing, or not too strong on, that would help us be better moms. What trait(s) do you wish for? Any moms you know who have that trait in abundance? Thoughts on how to do better at it? Do tell!  I already posted my answer, and it’s about my dire need for more patience.  Anybody relate to that one?! 

TO ANSWER: Post your reply to this topic over here!  (The question is always in the Question of the Week section of the  Member Cafe.)

PRIZE: That fun MOM totebag, still available thanks to our friends over at The MOM stands for Master of Multitasking, which is so appropriate!
DEADLINE: FRIDAY, October 17th, at midnight EST.

Let’s get those answers rolling!