It's Thursday, and I have 2 requests

Hi Moms …

Two quick things.

One : If you live in/near NYC and have ANY way to make it to the Angelika theatre tonight to see the movie Who Does She Think She Is? then please do.  If you have any struggles between letting out your inner muse and being a mom, it’s worth whatever pain it takes to get there.  I posted about it before, and saw it Tuesday.  I did’t realize until today that it’s only showing there through tonight!  If you can’t make it, which I’d understand :) then please go to the movie’s website and sign up for their mailing list so you can get the DVD when it comes out, or catch a local screening. 

Two : If you haven’t taken the minute it takes to answer this week’s question about How Scheduled Are Your Kids?, then get on over there and have at it! That means most of you :).  What’s not to lose, and you might win a cool totebag :).