Question of the Week | October 27th

What’s on your mind?

My first marathon, 6 days from now, is taking up a large part of my brain-waves. Maybe you have costumes, candidates, holiday planning, or money woes on the brain. Maybe you’re sad or scared or bewildered. Excited? Challenged? Depressed?

I have many things vying for my attention, not just my big race. What direction do I take this website? How do I worship? Where do I find a mentor? How do I discipline a 2-year old who finds EVERYTHING funny? How do we solve the financial puzzle that seems to be missing a few pieces? What do I need to ‘finish’ before we move from the city? My brain is a swirl, and I’ll post a few things on the discussion board to give you an idea. I need to know I’m in good company :).

TO ANSWER: It’s easy this week! You can either reply to the Question of the Week topic here, OR post a new question or topic, or answer ANY question on the boards. Post anywhere on the boards to share something that’s on your mind, and you’ll be counted in this week’s drawing for a prize! Could it be any easier?! Anything that lets us kMaster of Multitasking bagnow what you’re thinking about!

Don’t forget, we need at least 7 answers to have a drawing!

PRIZE: LAST CHANCE  That fun Master of Multitasking (MOM!) totebag from No Mommy’s Perfect. Please help us get it sent out!

DEADLINE: FRIDAY, November 7th, at midnight EST.

That’s 2 weeks away, but get your answers in now before elections and costumes distract you!