LAST CHANCE! Question of the Week | October 6th

HURRY : TODAY IS THE DEADLINE … get those answers in!

How is the economic crisis affecting you?
The last few weeks have been full of economic crashes, shuffles, plans, and shakeups here in the US, and the ripples are crossing the globe. It affects all of us to varying degrees, depending on our outlook and finances. I know I’m full of ideas, questions, plans, fears … and admittedly a bit of excitement. (I’m weird like that, huge events terrify me but are always full of potential for positive change, which I crave).

Anyhow, how are you and your family affected? Plans? Belt-tightening ideas? Fears? I’d love to know.

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PRIZE: That fun MOM totebag is still up for grabs, thanks to our friends over at No Mommy’s Perfect. The MOM stands for Master of Multitasking, which is so appropriate!

DEADLINE: FRIDAY, October 10th, at midnight EST.