Question of the Week | November 17th

Question of the WeekQuestion of the Week
How do you build deep friendships?
Building friendships has always been extremely important to me, but it’s never been all that easy. Since I’ve had kids, its become even harder. Staying in touch is a challenge, and having those deeper conversations and connections seems almost impossible a lot of the time. How do you build and maintain those lasting friendships? Are they all from when you were younger? Newer friends get you the best? How do you keep in touch? Do you have the connections you need, or feel like you don’t have enough real friendships?

TO ANSWER: Post your thoughts here by adding your reply to the question.

: A photo album to inspire you to chronicle your friends, old and new alike. Dig out some old pics from under the bed and stick them in (if you’re like me) or create an album from digital pics (Snapfish does cheap prints!). It will be handmade by yours truly, so it’s worth answering a question for if I don’t say so myself :). It would also make a great gift for a friend and you don’t have to say that you won it!

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