SaneMom has an epiphany ...

I’ve been wondering for awhile what to do with this site, and it’s been causing me a lot of stress. How to market it, how to get moms to share, and lots of stuff like that. The questions and surveys have made that rather obvious I’m sure! As a coach, I help other moms get their lives a bit more in order, and find ways to see things differently, prioritize better, and nurture their own ideas while being a mom. These are all things I struggle with myself, every day. Having those issues doesn’t mean I can’t coach other moms about them, but I struggle with the feeling that I have to maintain the image that I have it all together, figured out, and tidy. I DON’T!

While I started this site to get some conversations going about things I ran into with all my coachees, like time alone and creativity, I kind of forgot to join the conversation myself. My resolution for 2008 (yes I’m a bit early but whatever!) is to be more transparent on this site, and in my life. I need a place to talk about my struggles and keeping them bottled up is soooo not worth it! The idea that as a professional coach I can’t share my problems where my clients might see them? I don’t know where it came from, but it’s getting tossed out.

Now I’m off to spend a bit of time with the half-naked toddler opening and shutting my desk drawers. I spend too much time on this computer anyhow!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwaanza, and I hope your Winter Solstice as a enjoyable as mine was :). Here’s to staying sane in the holidays, and supporting each other in the new year!

PS: yes there’s a new header on the site, and a new tagline … it’s my personal therapy to change the look every once in awhile. We’ll see how long this one lasts!