Question of the Week | Feb 11th

Do you guilt yourself?

I think moms are professional guilters.   There are so many many ways to squeeze guilt into your life once you’re a mom that it’s rather hard not to fall into the trap!   Ever found yourself feeling guilty for how you spend your time, for getting angry at your kids, for having bad days, for taking time for yourself, for venting in ‘messy’ ways, for not being there for your kids or someone else, for not being able to ‘keep up’, for failing to be perfect, for ‘letting’ your kids get hurt … the potential list is endless!  Those just happen to be a few of my favorite ones :), but I’m sure you have your own 2 or 20. 

Guilt is never good, whether we put it on ourselves or on others.  It’s pointless  and damaging
.  (Taking responsibility for our actions is certainly necessary … and in fact replaces guilt if we’ve done something bad, but that’s another subject!)  Guilt sucks.  Here’s to naming a few of our favorite guilty feelings, in the hopes that naming them will help get rid of them, and conrfirm we’re in good company!

Please share your pet guilty feelings here, and let the rest of us know we’re not alone!

Please remember, we need at least 5 answers for there to be a prize drawing, and if you won the previous week you’re not eligible, but go ahead and answer anyway!

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