Question of the Week | Feb 25th

Do you feel valued for your work as a mom?

Thanks to member CAH for suggesting this one, it’s found in the Feelings section and chances are good that you do have some real feelings about this one!  I know I do, and will share them sometime this week on the forum. 

It’s  a complicated question, and has many possible facets.  We all have different needs when it comes to self-esteem, and being appreciated for what we do is often a significant part of that.  Our value as an employee or business owner is often more clearly defined, but plays into the feeling valued equation also I’m sure.  But as a mom?  Are you seen and heard and appreciated?  Enough?

Please share your feelings here, and let us all know how it works for you!

Please remember, we need at least 5 answers for there to be a prize drawing, and if you won the previous week you’re not eligible, but please answer anyway!

PRIZE: A package of pampering goodies for the hard-working mom (yes, that’s ALL of us!).  A few things to make you feel special :)

DEADLINE: Sunday the 2nd of March at midnight EST.