Question of the Week | March 10th

What do you wish you’d been told before you became a mom?

Motherhood broadsides most of us on a daily basis, no matter how old our kids are.  Something new every day to learn, or learn from.  While it’s often good to “learn the hard way” there are some things that we all wish we’d been told before we got confronted with them! 

I know I wish someone had told me the flip-side of giving a toddler explanations for everything, including the ‘why’ behind just about every decision.  Now I’m reaping the, er, benefits in my highly argumentative 6-year-old!  While I might not have listened if I was given the input back then, I still wish someone had sat me down and pointed out what was likely to happen.  Learning the hard way :).

Please share your insights here, and let us all know what insights you’ve learned the hard way!

Please remember, we need at least 5 answers for there to be a prize drawing, and if you won the previous week you’re not eligible, but please answer anyway!

PRIZE: Chocolate, and then more chocolate … just because!

DEADLINE: Sunday the 16th of March at midnight EST.