Question of the Week | April 14th

Do you take good care of yourself?

As moms we’re great at taking care of everyone else, but how well do you treat yourself?  Taking the time to eat properly, exercise enough, and energize yourself?  I challenge you to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in each of those areas, and let us all know how well you do!  Click here to share your answers.  Any changes you’d like to make? Please tell us about those too! 
For more on the three mighty E’s (eat, exercise, energize) take a look at this article in the BREATHE section.  (Note: You do have to be logged in to read it).

Please remember, we need at least 5 answers for there to be a prize drawing!

PRIZE: A desk planner, to get you inspired to keep track of your own schedule! 

DEADLINE: Sunday the 20th of April at midnight EST.