Question of the Week | Feb April 28th

Question of the Week

What are you passionate about?

While I was away on spring break this week, a passion that I’ve had brewing for weeks months came to the forefront very clearly: I want to get rid of things and pare down my possessions, schedule, and commitments (not to mention my in-box!).  I spent the week in a barely-furnished apartment, and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of one box of toys for the boys, one suitcase of clothes, and barely enough dishes to go from one meal to the next.  I’m truly passionate about paring down now that I’m home! 

What are YOU passionate about?  Short-term obsession or lifelong cause? Is it a dream or something you’re acting on?  Has it changed your life?  Should it?  Do tell, and let us know what you have brewing!

PRIZE: TBD, based on the obsession(s) of the winner … a favorite food, a donation, a book: wait and see!

DEADLINE: Sunday the 4th of May at midnight EST.