Question of the Week | April 7th

Was it different the second time? The third? 

Found in the Beginnings section, this member question has gone unanswered for awhile, and I happen to know that the mom who asked it just recently had #2 (congrats kidfairb!) so lets give her some answers!  The birth part is behind her, but there’s a lot more to the question than that in how you feel about/bond with/identity shift with a second or third child.  If you’re not a mom of more than one, please weigh in with your thoughts/fears/rationalizations/convictions about having more (or not!). 

pair 'o journalsPlease share your thoughts here on the sanity (or not!) of having multiple kids. 

Please remember, we need at least 5 answers for there to be a prize drawing!

PRIZE: A fun pair of blank journals, perfectly sized for your bag or pocket of choice. 

DEADLINE: Sunday the 13th of April at midnight EST.