Question of the Week | May 12th

How are you treated differently since you became a mom?

My first clue as to how things would change was while I was pregnant with my first.  The “you shouldn’ts” and the “please take this seats” made me realize that things might be a little different from here on out!  After he was born, the most immediate change came from other moms.  I was part of the ‘club’ and there’s no going back.  Understanding, empathy, support, and some criticism.  The loss of contact with some friends who didn’t know how to deal with babies and schedules.  Their respect and incomprehension.  Their fears and awe.  The automatic assumptions by employers that I was less committed (I was), less available, and not as valuable.  Yes, I’m treated differently!

bookSo, Are you treated differently since you became a mom? By whom? Do you have any issues with it?  Do tell!

PRIZE: A one-year subscription to Mothering Magazine’s online edition!  If you win and already get the magazine or have no use for it, please let me know and I’ll find a substitute. 

DEADLINE: Sunday the 18th of May at midnight EST.