Question of the Week | May 19th

Where do your ideas on how to parent come from?

Whether we like it or not, we start out as parents with some kind of notion about how to do it.  While we might feel incapable and overwhelmed, we still make choices every day based on something we’ve seen or read or heard.  It might be a long list of “I will NEVERs”, a shelf of books, some role-models we admire, mommy-group friends, neighbors, or huge bouts of instinct coming to the surface.  Whatever it is, it’s probably a mix, sometimes a help, and maybe a big distraction.  Take a second and think about you, and your parenting ideas.  What’s influenced you? Who? Do you find the ideas mostly helpful, or a distraction? 

TO ANSWER: Click here to answer Where do your ideas on how to parent come from?  Are they good sources?  Have some to share?  Things to avoid?  Words of wisdom?  Do tell!

PRIZE: A $15 Amazon gift certificate to get that parenting book you’ve wanted, or whatever else comes to mind. 

DEADLINE: Sunday the 25th of May at midnight EST.