Question of the Week | May 27th

What are your favorite things to do with your kids?

We all have great ideas on how to entertain kids once in awhile, and some of us (not I!) more often than others.  Having an arsenal of ideas, or at least quick places to look for them, is key to my sanity.  Thank God for Google (How to grow an avocado from seed? was my search yesterday), but you have to have at least some idea there before you start typing. Now’s the time to share your best tips, whether they’re books, websites, blogs, or just individual ideas!  For example, SavvySource is a great site with tons of ideas by category, with age-appropriate tags to help in the sorting.  LifeHacker has a great list of 10 Things to Do with Young Children for $1 or Less.  You get the idea!

TO ANSWER: Add a post anywhere in the new Favorite Resources section, and you’ll be counted in this week’s drawing.  Please post in all the sections if you can, though you’ll only get one entry for the week. 

AVONPRIZE: A $10 AVON certificate courtesy of SaneMom member Madsquirrel of It’s a Mad Mad Squirrel’s World fame.  Thanks Madsquirrel!

DEADLINE: Sunday the 1st of June at midnight EST.